Shipments and returns

06 - Delivery

The products are shipped to the delivery address(es) indicated during the ordering process. Shipping costs are calculated based on the type of service chosen and the products purchased.

06-1 Delivery costs offered

Delivery costs are offered for deliveries to a Relay Point by Mondial Relay under the following conditions for any order greater than or equal to 90 euros including tax for delivery in France. For any order greater than or equal to 100 euros including tax for delivery in Belgium, Luxembourg and Spain. Delivery costs are free for international home deliveries by Mondial Relay or its partners for any order greater than or equal to 250 euros including tax for delivery in Germany, Austria, Portugal. The amount of the order retained is the amount including tax, all promotions, discounts, discounts, rebates deducted.

06-2 Terms of delivery

  • Simple delivery with follow-up – Parcel placed directly in the mailbox (delivery without signature);
  • Delivery to a Relay point with tracking and signature – Parcel delivered by hand (delivery against signature);
  • Home delivery with tracking and signature – Parcel delivered by hand (delivery against signature);
  • Express home delivery with tracking and signature - Parcel delivered by hand (delivery against signature).

Any non-complaint or refusal of the package will immediately result in the return of the products to our warehouses in France. The refund of the amount of his order will be deducted from the shipping costs if they were initially offered, return, and the application of a fixed penalty of 10 euros for administrative costs plus all related costs. Reimbursement will take place within a maximum period of 30 days after receipt of the goods in accordance with our return conditions in our warehouses.

06-3 Delivery times

The delivery times indicated are not guaranteed during certain periods of high activity, such as sales periods, Christmas, summer holidays, etc.

06-4 International delivery outside the EEC

All import taxes are the sole responsibility of the buyer. It is therefore up to the customer to pay all the import taxes of his country to the carrier, who, by delegation, will act as customs agent.

06-5 Packaging

The products are packed with the greatest care in oversized packaging to ensure their perfect integrity, so that there can be no dispute concerning their return. You are therefore advised not to open the items in such a way that it would be impossible for you to return them to us unused if you decide to return them.

06-6 Conformity of delivered goods

You must imperatively check the conformity of the goods delivered at the time of delivery and before signing the carrier's delivery note. You must indicate on the delivery note and in the form of handwritten reservations accompanied by your signature, any anomaly concerning the delivery (open package, damaged product, "the delivery person did not want to wait for the unpacking of the article", etc. .). This verification is considered to have been carried out once the Buyer or a person authorized by him has signed the delivery note.

06-7 Defects apparent on delivery

Without prejudice to the application of the foregoing hereof and the implementation of the legal guarantees, DECOCHIC.FR informs you that any apparent defect of the product (anomaly, damage, damaged package, etc.) must be subject to reserve when of delivery, failing which the apparent defects can no longer be the subject of a subsequent claim.

It is strongly advised to open the package in the presence of the carrier to ensure that there are no apparent defects.

In general, in the event of an apparent defect, the Customer or the recipient of the order must report the absence or deterioration of the product to Customer Service (in accordance with the provisions hereof) and follow the return procedure described below. It is recommended that the Customer send his complaint by any means allowing him to arrange proof of his notification within the time limits provided for below by sending in particular:

  • Photos of the damaged merchandise;
  • Photos of the inside of the package, showing the internal protections and the way the goods were secured, as delivered;
  • Photos of the outer packaging, including one with the slip visible, as the package was delivered.
  • Failure to comply with the appropriate procedures set out below concerning each case of delivery excludes any recourse against the carrier and DECOCHIC.FR for the apparent defect.
  • Relay point delivery
    • In the event of an apparent defect in the product observed in the presence of the Point Relais employee
      • Refuse delivery and immediately issue all reservations regarding the apparent defect in a clear and detailed manner. These reservations must be indicated by the Customer or the recipient of the Order on the voucher signed by the Point Relais employee.
      • Report the refusal to DECOCHIC.FR Customer Service within 3 (three) working days of delivery, in accordance with the provisions hereof, and within this same period communicate a copy of the signed voucher to DECOCHIC Customer Service. FR.
    • In the event of an apparent defect noted outside the presence of the Point Relais agent, DECOCHIC.FR cannot in any way bear the slightest responsibility. 
  • Simple letterbox delivery
    • In case of obviously damaged package, do not open the package. Please note: opening the package excludes any recourse against La Poste and DECOCHIC.FR. In the event of an apparent defect in the package or the product ordered, return the package to the Post Office within three (3) working days of delivery. Establish a "spoliation report" with La Poste. Report the anomaly to DECOCHIC.FR Customer Service: the notification of incidents and the formulation of reservations must be made within three (3) working days. A copy of the spoliation report will be sent to DECOCHIC.FR Customer Service within the same timeframe.
  • Home delivery with tracking and signature
    • In the event of an apparent defect in the product observed in the presence of the delivery person
      • Refuse the delivery by immediately issuing a report of an anomaly to the deliverer.
      • Report the refusal to DECOCHIC.FR Customer Service within 3 working days of delivery and within the same period communicate a copy of the anomaly report to DECOCHIC.FR Customer Service.
    • In the event of an apparent defect observed outside the presence of the delivery person, DECOCHIC.FR cannot under any circumstances bear the slightest responsibility.

07 - Return of products

7.1. Exercise of the right of withdrawal

You have a right of withdrawal of fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of receipt or withdrawal of your entire order.

During these periods, you can return the undamaged products, without having to justify reasons, nor to pay a penalty. In the event of damaged products received, the procedure of article 7.3 will apply.

All products may be subject to withdrawal, except those excluded by law in article L221-28 of the Consumer Code, for example products that have been the subject of a specific order or a customization on your request, products that have been unsealed or that cannot be returned for hygiene reasons (eg earrings, etc.), etc.

Returned products must be intact and complete, unopened with label(s) and must not have been used for a long time. IN THE EVENT OF NON-COMPLIANCE WITH THE CONDITIONS RELATED TO THE CONDITION OF THE RETURNED PRODUCTS SET OUT ABOVE, THE ORDER WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.

To exercise your right of withdrawal, you can use the standard withdrawal form to be completed below, or make any unambiguous declaration indicating your intention to return the product to DECOCHIC.FR, in particular by declaring your return online from your account. .


ACL MEDIAS recommends that the Customer who wishes to exercise his right of withdrawal return the withdrawal form permanently available for download on the Site or by email to Customer Service, accompanied by the corresponding return form, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. to ACL Media – Customer Service, 10, rue Er Bléhua, 56340 Plouharnel, France.

Nom Prénom expéditeur 

N° Rue 

CP Ville 



Service Clients

10, rue Er Bléhua

Saint Barbe

56340 Plouharnel



Lieu et date


Objet : rétractation


Vous trouverez ci-joint (préciser le produit), N° de commande du (date de commande), réglée par (Carte bancaire, chèque, virement…), que j'ai reçu le (date) à la suite de la commande que j'avais passée à distance sur le site 

Conformément aux dispositions légales des articles L121-21 et suivants du Code de la consommation, je vous prie de bien vouloir me rembourser la somme de xxx, montant total de cette commande selon les conditions générale de vente et de règlement en vigueur au moment du passage de la commande.



DECOCHIC.FR will acknowledge receipt of your withdrawal by email.

You must then return the products to DECOCHIC.FR, no later than fourteen (14) calendar days following your withdrawal, by post to the following address: DECOCHIC.FR 10 rue Er Bléhua 56340 Plouharnel. The return costs are exclusively your responsibility (with the exception of a defective product upon receipt, or an error by DECOCHIC.FR when sending the product).

DECOCHIC.FR undertakes to reimburse you the sums paid upon receipt of the product in its warehouses within 30 days, subject to compliance with the conditions for returns indicated above.

Failing a return within fourteen (14) calendar days, the sale will be considered final and no refund can be made under Articles L121-21 et seq. of the Consumer Code.

DECOCHIC.FR will reimburse you for the returned products, subject to compliance with the conditions mentioned above, minus the collection costs in the event of payment by Paypal which remain acquired by the platform.

If you do not return your entire order and keep one or more products ordered, DECOCHIC.FR will only reimburse the returned products.

Reimbursement will be made via the payment method used for the returned order.

Specifying that if the order of product(s) has been paid for by Paypal, and that the Paypal account is still active, the refund will be made to this Paypal account minus the collection costs which remain acquired by the platform.

For any other means of payment or in the event of failure or impossibility of previous refunds, the refund will be made by check sent to the billing address. 

7.2. Exchange

You also have the option of requesting an exchange, within thirty (14) days of receipt of the product. Products returned for an exchange must be intact and complete, unopened with label(s) and must not have been used for a long time.

You must return the product(s) to be exchanged to DECOCHIC.FR by La Poste, the costs remain your responsibility. 

7.3. Special case of a non-compliant product

DECOCHIC.FR advises you to check the product at the time of its delivery and in the event that the product delivered is non-compliant (product error, defective, damaged or incomplete product), to make written reservations at the latest within three ( 3) days following this delivery, with the carrier and/or DECOCHIC.FR.

In all cases, the provisions set out in article 8.1 on legal warranties will apply. Thus, the non-compliant product delivered can only be the subject, initially, of a replacement or a repair. Nevertheless, if the new product received does not suit you, you can exercise, if necessary, your right of withdrawal within the remaining period.

For products reported to be non-compliant within three (3) days of delivery, DECOCHIC.FR nevertheless allows you to exercise your right of withdrawal and obtain reimbursement of the product pursuant to the provisions of article 7.1, without going by repair or replacement, as provided for by the legal guarantee of conformity.

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